Department Staff


The Eagle Point Police Department currently employs 13 sworn and non-sworn personnel. The local population of Eagle Point is approximately 8,695 and expected to grow in the future as housing and the surrounding areas develop. We expect to increase our staff as the population continues to grow so that we may continually improve our service to the community.
  • Chief of Police

    Vern W. Thompson
  • Patrol Sergeant

    Sergeant Darin May
    Sergeant Dustin LaFord
  • Evidence Officer

    Senior Officer Bill Fisher
  • Records

    Donna Oliver
  • School Resource Officer

    Michael Anselmi
  • Senior Police Officers

    Robert Leonard
    Bill Fisher
    CJ Davis
    Heidi Kazakoff
    Dennis Hoschlet
  • Police Officers

    Daniel Cadenas
    Marc Slagle
  • Code Enforcement

    Sara Miller