Commissions & Committees


The Eagle Point City Council authorizes the creation or deletion of commissions or committees with an express purpose to provide the City Council help and support to address certain key areas of community function. Each of the commission or committee members is appointed by the City Council for a defined term.

Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission was formed from a committee format to review and recommend policy changes to the City Council that would assist the community, from a government role, in economic development matters.

Parks and Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission was formed to assist the council in decisions relative to new or existing recreation programs and new or existing parks. The function and requirements of the Economic Development and Parks and Recreation commissions are reviewed each year for their continued need.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has special land-use authority under Oregon law to address land use matters, render judgment, and/or pass recommendations on certain matters to the City Council. Commission members are appointed by the council but unlike the Economic Development Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning Commission fills a legal role in the function of government.