Land Use


State land use regulations are contained within the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR), and Transportation Planning Rule (TPR). Jackson County and the city have an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) agreement, whereby both agencies collaborate on land use matters in areas that are available for future annexation by Eagle Point.

Department Functions

The Planning Department provides answers to all questions related to zoning, permitted and conditional uses on properties within the city, and processes all development applications. The planning staff conducts research and writes reports for all land use public hearings, and complies with all legal requirements for informing the general public and adjoining property owners of such hearings. 

Land Use Administration

The department is the support staff for the City Administrator, City Council, Planning Commission, and Community Development Commission. Staff coordinates with building and public works personnel, police and fire, and other state and local agencies to assure that all land use issues are thoroughly reviewed before any land use policy and land development decisions are rendered.