Tree Replacement Program

Tree Replacement Program

The city inspects trees at all parks and city owned facilities for damage and disease. If a tree is discovered to be in distress or damaged, the city contacts local arborists for an expert opinion and recommendation. If a tree needs to be removed, a new tree is planted in a close location with a similar varietal.

Shadowlawn, Teakwood, and Archwood

The city completed a Hazard Tree Assessment Plan and determined that the Modesto ash street trees on Shadowlawn, Teakwood, and Archwood have been affected by a fungal condition called Anthracnose. This weakens the trees over time making them susceptible to falling over or splitting of the limbs. All of the trees were planted around the same time and all are reaching maturity at the same time. Many of the trees are causing damage to the sidewalks and will continue until they have been replaced.


As part of the Tree Replacement Program for Teakwood, Shadowlawn, and Archwood, the city will remove the existing trees in the planter strip area between the sidewalk and street and replace the trees with no cost to the property owner. If the sidewalk is damaged, the sidewalk will need to be replaced by the property owner at their expense. If the curb is damaged, the city will repair/replace after the existing trees have been removed.

New Trees

The city is replacing approximately 10 to 15 trees each year to phase the improvement, with three to four varieties of trees. At least two trees are recommended for each property to maintain the character of these streets. The trees were selected based upon their ability to be planted in a small space, not clog the streets with leaves, and not stain walkways or drop large fruit.