Linn Road Improvements
The Linn Road – OR 62 to Buchanan project is officially under construction!  Central Pipeline Inc. is the contractor for the improvements from the intersection of Loto Street/Linn Road/Buchanan Avenue to Highway 62.  The project includes the following improvements: 

·       Sidewalks from the Buchanan Avenue/Linn Road/Loto Street intersection to De Anjou Avenue

·        Bike Lanes 

·        Replacement of the Buchanan ditch culvert, widened to match the reconstructed  

·        Road reconstruction

·        Decorative Lighting (matching the downtown lights)

·        New landscaped planters 

·        Utility undergrounding (the Pacific Power transmission lines on the north side will remain)

The project was designed by Century West Engineering Corp. A public open house was conducted in December of 2017, click here for presentation, with several follow up meetings to present the City Council and the community on project details.  The bid opening was held August 21, 2018, and the construction contract awarded at the August 28,2018 City Council meeting.  

Linn Road Schedule 
Initially utility undergrounding was proposed to occur in September of 2018, followed by four months of utility companies providing relocation, prior to the main work by the City’s contractor.  A preconstruction meeting was held October 22, 2018, in anticipation of the work by Avista Utilities’ contractor.  NPL began work in early November of 2018, and completed by mid-January of 2019. For the current project schedule click here.

6-Week Look Ahead
The contractor is currently installing the conduit to underground the existing utilities.  This requires trenching across Linn Road, and removing all the existing sidewalks and driveways on the south side of Linn Road.  Tree removal will also occur on the south side.  Coordination will also occur by the City representatives for driveway relocations.  The contractor is to allow access to residences and for emergency services. 

The contractor’s schedule for the next 6 weeks is proposed as follows:


·        Set Traffic Control 

·        Set Erosion Control

·        Locates


·        Build Temporary Pedestrian Walk

1/30/19– 1/31/19:

·        Demo Sidewalks

2/1/19– 2/26/19:

·        Install Dry Utilities

2/27/19– 3/13/19:

·        Install Storm Drains & Treatment Basins

3/14/19– 3/29/19:

·        Wall Installation

Other Major Construction Events:

(Schedule Will Be Updated With Construction Dates in the Near Future)

·        Grind AC

·        Excavation

·        Rock Sub Grade

·        Curb & Gutter

·        Pole Basins & Electrical

·        Sidewalks & Hand Rail

·        Fencing 

·        Landscaping

·        Install 36” Bypass Pipe

·        Demo Box Colvert

·        Dig & Pour Footing

·        Install Rip Rap

·        Set & Backfill Colvert

·        Form Pour Head Walks

·        AC Paving

·        Striping

Project Completion
The contractor is scheduled to complete the main project by early June of 2019.  Due to permitting constraints with Army Corps of Engineers, the box culvert replacement won’t begin until after the 4th of July celebration. June 15, 2019, when the ‘in water work window’ allows construction in the ‘creek’.  The road will be open for traffic for the 2019 4th of July celebration, with final completion of the project the end of August 2019. 

Detailed Project Plans
Please see the project plans, click here

Project Contacts
Robert Miller, PE                                                                        Jess Oswald 
Public Works Director/City Engineer                                 
Robert                                                 503-804-2109
541 826-4212 ext. 105                                                                

Paul L. Gregory                                                                          Greg Reince, PE 
City of Eagle Point Public Works Supervisor                              Project Engineer                                                                          541-322-8962 ext. 301
541-826-4212  Ext. 136                                                    
Cell: 541-973-9481

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