Backflow Information

Backflow Information 

As your water supplier, we take great care to ensure that the water we provide to our customers is high quality. 

You as a customer, also play a role in preserving that quality. As the owner of a home, we'd like you to understand how contamination can originate through an individual plumbing system, and what you can do to help ensure that it doesn't happen in your home. 

What is Backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of the normal direction of flow which results in undesirable materials entering the water system. Backflow can occur whenever the water pressure is reduced enough to cause a vacuum or "backsiphonage". The same principle is involved when you drink through a soda straw. Some situations which may cause this include: water main breaks or shut downs for repairs, hydrants opened for flushing or firefighting, undersized piping in your residence. Another form of backflow, called "backpressure", occurs when the downstream pressure becomes greater than the supply pressure. Excessive backpressures can be caused by pumps, boilers and heat exchangers. 

A cross-connection is a direct link between potable (drinking) water and non-potable water which may threaten public health and the quality of water in the municipal distribution system. Cross-connections are prohibited by state and local plumbing codes. Our desire is to develop a comprehensive program for the elimination and prevention of cross-connection in industrial, commercial and public facilities. To address this, we are trying to make every effort to educate and inform all residents connected to our water system of the dangers and what they can do to prevent backflow and cross-connection. 

Sprinkler Systems 

Much of the focus of our residential backflow prevention program is on underground sprinkler systems. Water in irrigation pipes can become contaminated with garden chemicals and micro organisms. Because of this, landscape irrigation systems always require installation of backflow prevention devices. State Health rules stipulate that all of these devices, except Automatic Vacuum Breakers, at to be tested each year. 

Backflow Device Permitting & Testing 

To ensure that backflow devices are operating properly and protecting the City water supply you are required to have your backflow device tested annually. A Plumbing Permit is required for new and replacement devices, permits can be obtained from the Building Department at City Hall. A final inspection by a City Building Inspector will be required after the device has been installed and tested by a Certified Backflow Tester. A list of Certified Testers is available below. 

Rogue Valley Backflow Services - (541)482-9464

Southern Oregon Backflow Services - (541)779-8927

Performance Systems Integration - (503)641-2222

Leon's Backflow Testing - (541)643-0431

B2 Backflow Service - (541)941-1326

Scott Bradley - (541)601-2259

A-Team Backflow Service - (541)621-9238

Steve Lambert - (541)830-1240

Bradley Excavation - (541)944-3025