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Posted on: April 15, 2022

Public Notice to Remove Excessive Vegetation


Public Notice to Remove Excessive Vegetation From the City Limits of Eagle Point

Warm weather and dry conditions this spring have created a higher risk for fire activity early in the season.  Given the unprecedented and devastating fires that our valley experienced in 2020, we are asking all community members to diligently prepare and maintain properties throughout this fire season.  Notice is hereby given that the uncontrolled growth of high grass, weeds, brush, and other like vegetation in city areas is an unlawful fire hazard, health hazard, and a public nuisance and should be abated by removal of said vegetation by May 15, 2022.  


All property owners within the Eagle Point city limits are hereby notified that weeds, brush, blackberry bushes, and grass on the entire property shall be disked, cut, or removed to a height less than 10” and maintained to this standard through October 31, 2022.  For properties more than one acre in size, in addition to clearing the entire property, firebreaks (bare dirt) may be required and will be determined on a case-by-case basis and coordinated directly with the property owner.  Structures in hillside areas shall maintain a minimum 100’ defensible space around the perimeter of the structure in addition to the other requirements


If excessive vegetation is not removed after notice is given, the City of Eagle Point will cause the nuisance to be removed, in which case the cost of removal shall be assessed as a lien on the property. Should a property owner be found in violation of this ordinance (Eagle Point Municipal Code 8.16), a citation and fine may be issued as well for each day the violation exists.  


These provisions do not apply to ornamental landscaping, agricultural crops, pasturage zoned accordingly, or to natural areas within Eagle Point public parks.  For questions or concerns please contact the code enforcement officer at 541-538-5139.   The complete municipal code section can be found by visiting  Thank you for your cooperation as we work to reduce the fire danger in our community.


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