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Posted on: July 6, 2022

Water Quality in Eagle Point

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Water Quality in Eagle Point                                                                                                                        

July 5, 2022

Many people have been calling in about the tap water in Eagle Point having a funny smell and taste. There is an issue the Medford Water Commission (MWC) is working on. The water is safe and clean, if not as pleasant as we are used to.

The water is safe! The MWC has 24 hour, real-time monitoring of the drinking water and EPA sampling requirements. We take samples in Eagle Point monthly at 10 different semi-randomized locations and have them analyzed for contaminants. Our findings are reported to the MWC and the EPA. If anything is unsafe, we have to report it, and we have to notify the people what to do about it.

The explanation. We get our water piped to us from the Medford Water Commission. During the summer, they get some of their water from the Rogue River at their treatment plant in Medford. The warmer summer river water has more taste and smell issues than colder winter spring water. The water is being filtered and disinfected, but the “river odor” is removed with an ozone treatment system that is currently being replaced. We are in the period in between the old one going offline and the new one being installed. The recent supply chain issues are holding up the fix. Unfortunately, there is nothing any of us can do but wait.

There are things you can do at your faucet. It may not be a cure, but it helps.

  • Flush your pipes. Let your water run for 30 seconds to 2 minutes until you notice the temperature get cold, particularly if there is a line you don’t use very often. The water in the pipe moves in a straight line and does not really mix in the pipes. The issue is worse where water sits still in the pipe between the main and your faucet.
    1. Flush water is still safe, so watering plants or filling the dog dish is OK.
  • Cold water doesn’t let smells and taste out as easily. Put a pitcher in your fridge. Leave it open or uncovered for an hour or two and the water will ‘outgas’ the worst of the smell and taste over time.
    1. Water that sits open overnight will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, even in your fridge. That is why the glass you left on the counter tastes different in the morning. You may be trading one taste issue for another if you leave the pitcher uncovered for much longer than 2 hours.
  • Filtering pitchers, faucet filters, and filtered refrigerator water dispensers are an option, but they are not all equal. Read the labels to make sure they are designed for your needs.
  • Additives. Aside from flavorings, cucumber and unsqueezed citrus are good for reducing taste and odor problems. I am not clear on the science, but apparently 2 slices in a pitcher for 30 minutes is the recommendation.

We here at Eagle Point share your frustration. The MWC has assured us that they are doing everything they can to fix the problem as soon as they can. We will continue to monitor the water quality locally to ensure safety in the meantime.

If you have any questions, the MWC Customer Service Team can be reached at (541) 774-2430. For Eagle Point, Public Works Operations Supervisor Dean LeBret, at (541)826-4212 EXT 136.

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